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Product Description

Nedking Ultra Bright LED Cube bulbs are the brightest bulbs on the market. They have been highly engineered to give the ultimate lighting output, perfect for use in spotlights, sidelights and more. These bulbs are fully CE marked for road use.


Provided with a full 1-year return to base function warranty, these bulbs are of the highest quality and have a lifespan of over 50,000 hours! 5 times longer than standard halogen bulbs and 1.5x longer than most regular vehicle LED bulbs!

Simple plug and play installation into your existing T10, 501, W5W bulb fitment, these bulbs have super smart technology built in, making them just as bright when used on 12v and 24v systems, making them perfect for your car, van, camper, truck, 4x4 and more!

Full CE marking applied to every single bulb, giving you total piece of mind that these bulbs have been tested and produced in line with all EU regulations.

These bulbs are 100% legal for UK road use please note, you should only install these bulbs in line with the UK highway code with regards to bulb colours and positions (for example, amber for side facing, red for rear etc.). We do not accept any responsibility for bulbs installed in the incorrect position.

What about vehicle error codes? In some cases, and on some vehicles the smaller power draw of these LED bulbs may produce an error code on your vehicles dash board, although rare and usually limited to factory installed lights rather than spotlights on a lightbar for example, it may be necessary to install a LED load resistor in line. These are available for purchase on our website, we recommend that this is installed by a qualified auto electrician and ALWAYS mounted on a metal surface to disperse the heat produced. 

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Ultra Bright T10 LED Cube Bulb, 5050 SMD, 12/24v White (Single)